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2/9/09 10:02 am - I have no words...

I feel horrible being stuck in Canberra at the moment when I really just want to be around my friends and family.

If you can donate money or blood - do so. The need is great.

4/21/08 11:02 am - A request...

I'm trying to find a copy of the 3rd episode of Australian Gladiators 2008 that was aired on channel 7 on 13/4/08.

Does any one know when I can get it from?

1/23/08 09:27 am - Wow...

Can't believe Heath Ledger is dead. He was only 28. What a waste. I feel sorry for his daughter.

9/13/07 12:37 pm - Update...

I haven't posted in a while. Not because stuff hasn't been happening, but because I haven't really felt like writing anything down.

I went to Amanda and Chas' wedding in Canberra. It was absolutely beautiful. The next day mawaridi and I went to a market, the zoo and out to dinner. It was awesome, but exhausting. We flew back the next morning and attempted to go to uni. That lasted almost 3 hours before we gave up. I dropped her at Rohan's and then went home. Slept the afternoon away. Got up and went to bed. Went to work the next day.

Realised that sci ball is tonight on Tuesday and went shopping last night. Got an outfit which I think will be nice. Straightened my hair which is fun.

In other news: I want to go to the show. It's running from 20th-30th September. Who wants to come? I was thinking about going around the 26th because it's my birthday day.

4/11/07 01:31 pm - Procrastinating... and doing my FLAP assignment...

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
938 / 1,500

I guess I am nearly done. It's weird.

I want to sing, but I am sick. :-(

4/5/07 12:31 pm - Bad news...

You know how my puppy had the lump on her nose? The results came back today. It's cancer and it's malignant.

3/30/07 11:38 am - Things and stuff...

Angry making:

Schwarzkopf - You blow goats. Your dye is crap and washed out entirely 30 minutes after I applied it. I knew what I was doing, I have coloured my hair MANY times before - I have even used your product before. Don't give me crap about strand tests. I won't be wasting my money on your crappy products again.

MSN - People aren't replying to me on MSN. I get that you are all busy busy. But I am bored bored. If you're busy, set yourself to busy. Person who shall be known as G - I hate you because you are being horrid.

Happy making:

Frogs - Hooray for maybe finding a supplier for red eyed green tree frogs! Love frogs and their squishy little toes. *loves* Can't wait to watch you in the new aquarium at work! I can sit all day and google frogs - And it's legitimate work!!

Simone - It my lovely neighbour who is lovely and does things for me. She is definitely wonderful.

Friday - It's Friday. I love Fridays. They are almost weekend-alicious.

3/29/07 09:34 am - Not feeling well today...

I'm feeling very anxious. I'm not entirely sure why. I hate that.

2/3/07 03:08 am - Things I have been meaning to write about...

I saw Happy Feet. It was worse than I expected and I expected it to be pretty bad. I think it is not a kid's movie even though it is animated. The story line and the moral messages in the movie are very deep and very draining. I felt really depressed after watching the movie even though it had a supposedly happy ending.

I am really full of juice right now - I am sloshing.

I love Fridays because there is no David.

I was an hour late to work yesterday morning because my phone died during the night and didn't wake me up. I love that my boss cares enough to ring my emergency contact to see if every thing's ok.

There are still 'issues' with certain people who will not be named and they are not resolving and I don't think they will any time soon. But oh well.

Things are being weird in other areas and I want to talk about it... but not here.

I went to a club and danced. It was fun. I got felt up lots which was awkward but funny, and accosted by a few drunk guys which was *really* funny. But oh well.

Apparently, according to Steve, Granny-panties leave too much to the imagination. Also, hole-y socks are a tease.

I bought new strings for my guitar! I am going to dig it out this weekend and try to learn to play again now that I have more patience.

1/6/07 12:18 pm - Spills...

Last night must have been the night for spills. I nearly spilled a large drink on a customer. A guy spilled his pink slushy in the ticketbox line. A guy spilled a large coke in the bar lounge, another person spilled just in front of my register. (And didn't tell anyone. *facepalm*)

So I spent a large proportion of last night mopping. Which wasn't so bad. I cleaned the hot dog maker before I cashed off. But the Candy Bar staff weren't organised at all. I would be surprised if they got out of there before 12:30. It doesn't matter if it's busy. In the lull you should clean one popper. That way you only have one to clean at the end of the shift and you have all the popcorn from that popper and from the warmer.

I bought a new phone. I decided to buy the handset outright because people were telling me dodgy things about breaking my contract. Screw that. I refuse to pay a penalty. That's just crap. Tell me why I would go from $30 a month to $75? I didn't want a new phone *that* badly. So I bought the handset. It will save me at least $200 in the long run. Also, it has bluetooth which means it can talk to my GPS and my PDA! Hooray for electronic wankyness!
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